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Hi-Tech - Hi-tech Automation


Hi-Tech - Hi-tech Automation

Strategic Partners increase application leadership for FANUC Robotics

October 22, 2009

Plastics and end of line packaging are just two industry sectors where FANUC Robotics’ Strategic Partners have been very active over the past two years.  Introducing robotics know-how into specialist areas of manufacturing industry, and an uptake of usage in less adventurous areas, is proving the success of the Strategic Partner Programme introduced by FANUC only two years ago.

Successful robot integration into any manufacturing environment requires a mix of industry ‘know how’ and an understanding of a robot’s capability and limitations.  Strategic System Partners are carefully chosen for their skills in specific sectors and work closely with FANUC Robotics to ensure that end users benefit fully from FANUC’s ‘best in class’ robot products.

Plastics sector specialist Hi-Tech Automation was set up specifically to supply robots to the plastics industry and its two directors, Gary Probert and Rick Thompson, have maximised the support provided by FANUC Robotics.  The past two years have seen them introduce a record number of injection moulding businesses to the benefits of six axes robots to increase operational efficiency. 

Chris Sumner, Managing Director, FANUC Robotics UK Ltd, comments, “We selected our partners carefully and committed the business to a long term Strategic Partner Programme.  We expected the best solutions to come from the Partners with their extensive sector knowledge and we haven’t been disappointed – they get the very best ongoing support from our Engineering Team here at Coventry and their customers get the full benefit. 

“After only two years we have passed our projections for the programme and the success of it will see us further develop relationships with our partners which can only be a good thing for FANUC Robotics users.”